The next step in mobile game publishing:

Happy Planet Games & Ocean Breeze Games have teamed up with FGL to bring you the next best way to distribute your Flash games to mobile markets. Happy Planet Games is looking for a variety of fun to play Flash based games to take mobile. If you've got a game you think would work on mobile devices or are working on a Flash based game that would translate well to mobile please contact us.

Mobile markets

Happy Planet Games can take your Flash based games into a wide variety of lucrative Android markets such as the Barnes & Noble app store, the Amazon app store as well as a variety of other mobile markets.

Our Technology

Our platform allows for easy translation of your Flash based games into viable mobile products without any back breaking work on your part. Just give us your SWF after implementing our API and adjusting a few things and we'll do the rest. Take a look at the API Directions.

Our Customers

Due to our extensive customer base and our excellent cross-promotion techniques once your game is in the system it will be exposed to many new people interested in trying out your games.

Some of our Partners

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